Co-creating the solution

Through collaboration and peer review we believe we can re-imagine a better grant-making system that reduces friction, risk, and costs for both funders and charities. That is why we are committed to obtaining feedback from funders and charities throughout the development of Brevio to co-create a sustainable solution.

In practise this means we are developing the platform in stages. As the platform progresses, we are showing the platform to funders and charities and seeking/ listening to their frank and honest feedback. This feedback is then used to guide the next stage of Brevio’s development.

We have received great support and encouragement from several major funders, as well as charities and sector associations.

The Brevio Team

Brevio’s team spans expertise from academia, the private sector, and the Third sector. In addition to the team below, a leading UK technology agency is providing cutting edge technological know-how and supporting Brevio in the delivery of the platform. We also regularly consult with other specialists.

Marcelle Speller OBE
Brevio Founder
Executive Chairman

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Philip Hodgson
Brevio CEO

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Alistair Brandon-Jones
Advisor | Operations Prof University of Bath

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Dimo Dimov
Advisor | Operations Entrepreneurship Professor at University of Bath

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Julian Padget
Advisor | Computer Science Prof at University of Bath

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Billy Wright
Advisor | Digital Transformation Specialist

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William Priest
Advisor | Government & Business

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Annabel Chapman
PA Extraordinaire to Marcelle

William Colston
Project Manager

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University of Bath

Brevio has a close partnership with the University of Bath. the University of Bath has been recognised by the Research Excellence Framework (REF) as producing world-leading, or internationally excellent, research by its academics. According to the Guardian, it is also rated the 6th best university in the UK.

This partnership offers Brevio access to world-leading academics, who provide oversight and academic rigor across all aspects of Brevio’s design and development. Three of these academics have been appointed as Non-Executive Directors of Brevio to ensure a high level of academic accountability is provided now, and into the future.

Our Timeline

Nov 2018

Formed partnership with the University of Bath and began quantitative analysis how the current application system could be improved

Feb 2019

Identified the solution of digitization and standardization. Began process of co-creating the solution.

April 2019

Began process of co-creation with charities and funders.

May 2019

Incorporated as Brevio Ltd, a social purpose organization.

Oct 2019 onward

Iterating and improving the platform in collaboration with funders and charities.

How would you like to get involved?

Whether you'd like to contribute to the co-creation of Brevio, or if you'd just like to receive the occasional update by email, please let us know!

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