Benefits of the Brevio platform

At its core Brevio consists of a standardised application form that automatically pairs suitable funders with eligible grantees. However Brevio provides many more benefits than standardisation alone, find out how both funders and charities can benefit below.

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    Benefits for funders

    Brevio will automate the drudge work and provide funders more control, confidence, flexibility, and transparency on their grant decisions.

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    Stay in control

    You still to decide who to fund, and Brevio doesn’t get involved in handling the grant money. You can also add custom questions.

    No more ineligible applications

    Brevio identifies suitable grantee/ grant-maker pairings automatically, freeing up grant managers to focus their efforts reviewing suitable applications

    Receive fewer, and higher quality, applications

    Grant makers expand their reach to find where their funding will have the most impact, while receiving high quality applications closely aligned to their funding criteria.

    Flexing of criteria to manage supply & demand

    Brevio provides the ability to strengthen or weaken criteria if more or less applicants are received than expected.

    Identify eligible grantees who have not applied

    Discover grantees most aligned to your funding criteria who otherwise may not have been identified through the current system.

    Grant managers can do more, not less

    Due-diligence continues long after the application process has ended. Free grant mangers from administrative roles and get them out in the field to work at their highest level of competence with grantees.

    A single source of truth

    Grantee details and information are maintained by the platform, freeing grant-makers who currently govern this task. Date stamping will enable grant-makers to identify up-to-date information.

    Application insights

    Understand what’s really going on in the sector in areas relevant to your funding criteria and grant design.

    Integrate with existing grant management software

    Integrate paired grantees from Brevio with your current software, such as Salesforce.

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    Benefits for charities

    Brevio automates time consuming, repetitive tasks to find and apply for eligible grants on your behalf, freeing you up to focus on the needs of the end recipient.

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    One application form

    Fill out an application form once per funding type (e.g. project, core costs, capital, etc). You are then presented with the grants with the highest chance of success. There is no need to complete further application forms.

    Automated eligibility

    No more reading through funders eligibility criteria to understand the nuances and conditions.

    Unlimited applications

    Apply to as many funders as you are eligible for, until your funding target has been achieved.

    A single source of truth

    Demonstrate to funders your data is up to date and you are who you claim to be. Where possible Brevio will automate the process of updating information from existing API’s and data sources, in addition to occasionally prompting you to check your information is current.

    Intelligent recommendations

    Find funding closely aligned to your mission and reduce mission creep. Meet funding targets quicker, and with less resources.

    Receive notifications

    Get notified when there is funding available aligned to your criteria that you haven’t applied for.

    Sector insights

    Understand where the need is and what funders are looking for to compete for funding with a sustainable Theory of Change.


    Track the progress of applications with funders.

    Sensitive data

    Grantees remain in control of their data and can select the degree of transparency to funders.

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    Benefits of Brevio's approach

    Brevio has been established to solve a specific problem for the sector. This is reflected in our approach, how we structure our team, and how we get things done.

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    Brevio aims to reduce bias where possible through peer review by cross-industry specialists to create a fair grant system.

    Continual improvement

    Continually updated to provide new features of benefit to the sector, or updating the standardised questions when new issues arise, or old question become obsolete.


    Brevio is an independent organisation so is ideally situated to fairly represent the needs of both grant-maker and grantee.

    Sustainable revenue model

    Brevio is a limited company with a major social purpose. The initial ‘seed’ capital to get Brevio off the ground is being provided as a philanthropic undertaking by Brevio’s chairman, Marcelle Speller OBE. For its long-term sustainability however, Brevio cannot be at the mercy of philanthropists or grants, otherwise risks reverting back to the existing wasteful and inefficient system. Brevio will eventually charge a small fee - the details of who will be charged, when, and how much, are still being resolved.


    More than simply adhering to data regulations, Brevio wants you to be in control of your data.

Who are Brevio?

Find out about the Brevio team, its relationship to the University of Bath, and how they believe the industry can create a sustainable solution for better grant applications by working together

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