Grant making, made smarter

Brevio is changing the face of Third Sector grant making. Join us and co-create a sustainable solution of benefit to charities and funders.

Brevio provides a simple solution to an archaic, inefficient and wasteful problem in the Third Sector: connecting funders and those looking for funding. Combining the benefits of standardisation and digitisation, Brevio provides a new way to find and award grants.


No more repetitive and mundane grant application processes

Free time

Free up funders to focus at their highest level of competence

Quality Info

A single source of truth where information is maintained and up-to-date


Discover previously unknown application & sector insights


Simplify and improve dialogue to build better relationships

The Problem

Current grant-making processes are wasteful and inefficient. Charities must fill in many slightly different grant-application forms taking hours/ days to complete, often with low success rates. Funders and the public are indirectly funding unsuccessful applications where those funds could be better spent helping the end beneficiary.

The Solution

Working with the University of Bath, Brevio’s solution is to standardise grant questions, creating a system rather like UCAS – one application form to apply to multiple grants. This solution will free up time and money for both the charity and funder, that could be better spent on governance, communication, reporting, or helping the end beneficiary.

What's the scale of the problem?

This data below is from a 2019 study carried out by Brevio and the University of Bath.
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The aim of this survey was to establish the scale of the existing grant application system. The questions were formulated in collaboration with academics from the University of Bath, and subsequent analysis of the data was also carried out in conjunction with the University of Bath.

In total 247 responses were received, representing a broad spectrum of charity income across the sector. the University of Bath will publish an academic analysis of the data in due course, which we will link to and feature on this website when available.

Special thanks to the following organisations for supporting Brevio in circulating the survey (in alphabetical order):

360Giving, 3SG, Directory of Social Change, Institute of Fundraising, Localgiving, National Lottery Community Fund, NCVO, People's Postcode Lottery and Small Charities Coalition.


Average number of grants each charity or community group applies for each year


Average failure rate of grants applied for in the last year.


Average hours required to complete a typical application


Estimated industry cost per year of registered charities writing grants

What sets Brevio apart:

Co-created. Brevio is being co-created together with funders and charities – the sector must work together to solve its problems.

Automate the drudge work. Brevio’s robust digital platform will provide workflow efficiencies that automate drudge work and free up funders to focus on more value-added tasks. Brevio gets you past the first bureaucratic hurdle to build better relationships.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence. Brevio will be able to provide data led insights valuable to both grantee and grant-maker to discover previously unknown sector insights for better decision-making, measurement, and reporting.

The extent of adoption. Brevio’s mission is to provide a sustainable solution for the whole of the UK Third Sector.